Whatsapp’s long awaited dark mode now live in Beta Mode. Heres how to enable it.

Dark Mode on Whatsapp availability

Dark Mode on Whatsapp availability

WhatsApp dark mode is finally here, a highly anticipated feature that has been in the rumor mill for months now. The app joins hundreds of other popular offerings that have already made the transition to provide a dark theme or dark mode to their users.


WhatsApp’s native dark mode is simply called Dark in the theme selection interface, and it imparts a dark green profile to the messaging app’s entire UI with some contrasting colors here and there. The WhatsApp home screen and the settings menu are now clad in a dark color, but in case of the conversation interface, only the chat bubbles are dark while the background is white or it reflects any other color users have set as background.

Dark mode in WhatsApp has already begun rolling out for beta testers via Google Play, and it comes with the new v2.20.13 update. If you are a beta tester and are yet to receive the update, or, if you’re unable to join the Google Play beta program and want to see the dark mode changes, you can sideload the WhatsApp beta v2.20.13 APK from APKMirror. And if you are not a beta tester and can’t wait to try the app’s new dark mode, here’s how you can register to become a beta tester via Google play and download WhatsApp beta builds.

According to WABetaInfo, the few of the changes in this version are listed down below:

  1. The native theme changer option (WhatsApp Settings > Chats and look for a new “Theme” option.)
  2. Animated stickers ( Available in Ver: 2.20.14 )

And now addressing the elephant in the room, How can you enable the dark mode?

For Non-Beta Users:

Since its available in the Beta Version of the App, we recommend you to kindly take a backup of all your chats and uninstall & reinstall the app to observe the changes if you are not enrolled in the Beta Program. If the Google app store allows you to enroll you should definitely go for it, in order to acquire the Beta app in the safest possible way. (There remains  a possibility that Google might not release the version in the app store depending on some topological availability reasons.). Now if you are the person who likes to explore, we suggest you head over to the APKMirror to download the app and follow the procedure:

WhatsApp Settings > Chats and look for a new “Theme” option.

and Voila! you get your share of the dark mode.

For Beta Users:

  1. Head over to the Google App Store.
  2. Click on the Hamburger icon on the top left corner and again click on my Apps and Games.
  3. Click on Beta.
  4. If the new update is listed therein, Update and use it.

WABetaInfo says if users don’t see the WhatsApp dark mode at first after installing the update, they need to delete and reinstall the latest build of the app from Google Play Store or the link given above. Of course, delete the app only after backing up your chat history.

Courtesy: WABetaInfo, Gadgets360.

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