Top 5 Super Cool Modded Apps|No-ROOT

Modded apps are the replica of the existing official apps with some additional badass features to take the user experience to the next level.

These modded versions are so cool that they can replace the original versions now!

If you are willing to delete your already sent WhatsApp message Or you are suffering with the useless Facebook Messenger App Or wondering how to play your Youtube videos in the background or how to download them easily…….Then, this article will give you the answers!

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1. GB WhatsApp : (Download Link)

This app contains every super cool feature you could imagine of. And the best part is there is no such limitations or conditions regarding the functionalities, and I really meant that.



  •  Delete already sent message, whenever you want. The message will be deleted from the both of the devices(Sender & receiver).
  • Hide any chat you want. You can also set pattern lock for these chats.
  • Customise your whatsapp privacy in every aspect (Blue Ticks, Sent, Delivered).And that too without facing any limitation.
  • The app notifies whenever a contact comes online, changes profile pic or updates status.
  • Download other’s video or picture status directly from the status tab.
  • It lets you customise every single thing on the app.
  • Lots of themes available for GB Whatsapp.

And these are some of those awesome features, there are many more. GB Whatsapp is highly recommended from our side. Though it is a third party app, still the messages are end to end encrypted.So there shouldn’t be any security issues.

2. OG Youtube: (Download Link)

This mod of youtube app can give you the best ever youtube experience. Unlike the iYTBP app, it doesn’t block the youtube adds. Which I think is purely justified.The app looks exactly same as the official Youtube app. But what makes it different is it’s badass features like,



  • Background Play option
  • POP Up play option
  • Download Option
  • Gesture control for volume,seeking bar and brightness
  • Default quality selection option for videos

The app lets you play your youtube videos in the background, no matter the screen is on or off.

It unlocks the Android O like POP Up play feature, which was only available on Android O. By using this you can POP Up your video in a pop-up window and do your work without any interruption.

3. Phoenix App: (Download Link)

Facebooks mobile app is a real mess. It consumes a large amount of data and battery life.The user has to use the messenger app simultaneously in order to send messages, which is really unnecessary. And there comes the Phoenix App,



  • Has an inbuilt messenger app, so no need to use the FB messenger app simultaneously.
  • Download any video or image of facebook that too right from the Phoenix app.
  • Customise the app as your choices.
  • Consumes low data and battery life 🙂

The app is verified and available on the Play Store. So, undoubtedly it is safe to use.

4. OG Instagram : (Download Link)

Instagram is now one of the rising social media platforms for sharing videos and pictures. But there is no option to download those pictures or videos from the app, which is truly pathetic. So, there comes the OG Instagram app. The app looks exactly same as the original one but with the extra features like,



  • Download option for videos and images
  • Tap and hold a picture to see it in full resolutions
  • See someone’s profile pictures in full resolutions
  • See the person you follow, is following you back or not.

OG developers are known as the trusted folks. So no security issues should arise.

5. Microsft’s SMS Organiser : (Download Link)

Microsoft has brought us the best alternative to the old boring messaging apps of our phones.Though it’s not a modded app, the app is so good that I can’t prevent my self to add it to the list!!!



  • Auto categorizes the messages in Personal, Transactional & Promotional.
  • Copy feature from the notification bar for OTP’s
  • Shows upcoming events, movie tickets & bills in a different small window
  • Gesture controls
  • Dark theme
  • SMS Backups
  • Scheduled SMS Features
  • Free SMS