The Internet We Don’t Use !

Most of us think ourselves  internet Power Users and we are getting most out of the internet. But do you know we are accessing only 1% – 5% of the internet. So what about the rest 95%?

There are many hidden secrets of the Internet which we don’t know. Rather I should say we don’t talk about. One of those is the concept of  ‘Surface, Deep & Dark Web’ .

If we imagine the whole internet as an Iceberg then, the top of the Iceberg is the SURFACE Web, The middle portion which is under water is the DEEP Web and the lower portion which is in more deep under the water is the DARK web.

The Deep Web

Now let’s get some more information about the concept……

Surface Web :


Surface web is the part where the people like you and me, rather I should 95% of people are surfing. This is the part where Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, Torrents and every other known and unknown websites lie. We can browse these in most ordinary ways like by searching it on any search engine or by putting the web address on the browsers. But do you know, Despite of being the most popular search engine, Google contains only 16% of the Surface Web( Excluding Deep & Dark Web)!

Deep Web :


Deep Web is not the place for everyone. And frankly speaking there is nothing much interesting for us. It is the part of the internet which is being used to store encrypted and classified data. Classified database of many companies, Encrypted and secret data of many countries are stored there. It is only for the people who have interest to access a particular type of datasets. Hackers use it for hacking and leaking secrets. Any kind of data related to these are not visible on the surface web ! Though surfing Deep Web is not illegal but as you can understand, there is nothing interesting for us.

Dark Web :


Now this is something you should never try ! It is illegal in every country and considered a criminal offence.

As the name suggests Dark Web is that dark part of the internet where no one should be in. This is cyber home of Drug Dealing, Hiring hitman, Murder, Pornography, Carding every illegal business.  There are many disturbing pictures, videos and documents which are absolutely not relevant with the normal society and lifestyle.

Dark web has no rules as there is no government or administration. Anything can happen in this part of the internet no matter it is fare or not !

As you can understand people like you and me have no relation to these. And let me tell you that it has no relation with TECHNOLOGY or ETHICAL HACKING. So it is better not having any interest in Dark Web !

How to access Deep Web ?


To access deep web, Hackers use an anonymous browser named TOR. It does the browsing anonymously, by which the user could hide his/her digital footprints.

But in now days government can track these TOR activity also. So better not to use it.

This blog is written only for information and education purposes. Hope I have succeeded to give you all information about the ‘Suface, Deep and Dark Web’ concept. The regular internet contains lot of cool and informative stuffs which we should know. There is no need to browse the DEEP or DARK web for that.